Roles & Responsibilities of Session Participants


  • Mobilizes presenters around a particular topic.
  • Is not required to be a member.
  • Is the main point of contact, even when there is a co-organizer.
  • Will ensure program proposal is complete and submitted by the deadline.
  • Confirm speakers have not already been invited to speak in another session.
  • Inform speakers of the requirement to submit a Conflict of Interest Disclosure.
  • Inform all participants that RSA does not provide funding for the meeting, including registration.
  • Upon approval, inform all participants of the approval and talk time limits.
  • Upon approval, remind participants of the requirement to register for the meeting, as per the Letter of Assurance submitted with the program proposal.
  • Will collect all presentations (PowerPoint only) and bring them to the assigned meeting room 10 minutes prior to session start time for loading onto one computer.  There will be a Speaker Ready room for preview purposes.



  • Moderates the session and introduces the presenters.
  • Will ensure presenters adhere to the strict timelines outlined in the meeting program.
  • Will conclude the session on time.
  • Does not submit a speaker abstract (unless also giving a talk).


Introducer (3 slide limit):

  • Presents a brief overview of the topic – they should receive copies of the presentations in advance to prepare comments.
  • Explains how the presentations will be cohesive.
  • Does not submit a speaker abstract (unless also giving a talk).


Discussant and Questions’ Moderator (no slides allowed):

  • Is responsible for highlighting the relationship between the abstracts and the topic. They should receive copies of the speaker abstracts in advance of the meeting to prepare comments.
  • Will raise critical issues for both the presenters and the audience to consider.
  • Does not submit a speaker abstract (unless also giving a talk).