Program Proposal Requirements

Submissions due by December 3, 2018 - 11:59PM CST


Program proposals are solicited within three general themes; biological/preclinical, psychosocial/medical/clinical and translational research.  When designing the proposal, organizers are encouraged to use an integrative approach, with the goal of making the presentations relevant to a rather broad audience of alcohol researchers by doing one or both of the following:

  1. Integrate research across disciplines and levels of organization; e.g., molecular, biology, neuroscience, and psychology. This should be done explicitly both in the presentations and in the discussant’s comments.
  2. Focus on differences and commonalities between alcohol and other drugs. This can be with reference to mechanisms of action, patterns of use, or consequences of use.

The Committee strongly encourages both junior and senior researchers to submit proposals.  Inclusion of ethnic minorities and early-career scientists and/or those from outside the United States is also encouraged.   Additionally, organizers should include participants from different institutions in order to provide diverse viewpoints. 


Program Themes:
Biological/Preclinical: refers to non-human based research in areas such as ontogenetic, physiological, genetic, cognitive/behavioral or neurobiological studies, as well as research in pre-clinical models of alcohol intake and alcohol-related disorders.

Psychosocial/Medical/Clinical: refers to human-based research that includes physiological or non-physiological studies of cognition, behavior or social factors, along with epidemiological and prevention research.  Includes basic laboratory-based physiological research with humans (with or without medications/alcohol), clinical trials, human neuroimaging and genetic studies.

Translational: refers to studies that are explicitly designed to cross usual disciplinary boundaries; e.g., biomarker versus function, laboratory-based vs clinical outcome, human versus non-human on a specific behavioral outcome, the application of results from clinical studies to clinical practice.

Proposal Category:
The program category is primarily used to assign reviewers.  The list is divided into three areas (Biological/Preclinical, Psychosocial/Medical/Clinical, Other) with various research categories under each area.  (Proposal Categories)

Program Formats:
Symposium: intended to highlight progress and exciting new developments in a field.  They should comprise a 5-minute introduction (3 slide limit) followed by 4 presentations consisting of 18-minute talks and a 13-minute discussion/question period (no slides).  Total time is 90 minutes.  Speaker Abstracts are required for each presentation and are a separate submission process.

Workshop: intended to focus on new, developing or established research or clinical questions or problems that may be helped by open discussion.  They should comprise an introduction (5 minutes) in which the topic is outlined and questions or goals are presented, followed by either:

  • 3 presentations consisting of 20-minute talks each and a 25-minute open discussion at the end.
  • 4 presentations consisting of 15-minute talks each and a 25-minute open discussion at the end.

Total Time is 90 minutes. Speaker Abstracts are required for each presentation and are a separate submission process.

Roundtable: intended to present controversial points of view in a format that encourages a lively exchange and participation. They should comprise a brief introduction followed by presentations/discussions of different viewpoints of up to 6 panel members and a 25-minute open discussion at the end. Total Time is 90 minutes.  Speaker Abstracts are not required.

Oral Presentation Limitations:
Individuals may give only one oral presentation.  When inviting your speakers, confirm they have not already been invited to speak in another symposium, workshop or roundtable.  If someone is listed as a speaker on more than one (1) proposal, a replacement speaker will be requested prior to committee review. 

Participation Limitations:
The limit is involvement of any kind in two (2) sessions.  Presenting an introduction or being a discussant does not count as an oral presentation; however this is also limited to one per person (i.e., Dr. Jones can present an oral presentation in one session and be an introducer or discussant in one session). The introduction and discussion should be an overview of the presentations - not a separate presentation.  No individual may participate in more than two sessions (any format).   Program organizers will be required to find a replacement, prior to proposal review, if a listed individual is already a proposed speaker on another session or participant (i.e., intro, chair, discussant) on two sessions. 

Letter of Assurance:
RSA does not provide funds or waive registration for participants in Symposia, Workshops or Roundtables.  It is the organizer’s responsibility to inform all participants that, if proposal is accepted, they are required to register for the meeting.

Industry Sponsorship:
For-profit Corporations (or foundations of for-profit corporations) are not permitted to sponsor any symposia, workshops or roundtables.  They may rent exhibit space by submitting an Exhibitor’s Prospectus and are encouraged to make a donation to the Society.

Disclosure Form Requirements:
All organizers, chairs, introducers, discussants/question moderators and speakers are required to complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form.  The submitter of a program proposal will be required to complete the disclosure form prior to advancing to the actual program proposal submission.

Proposal Review Criteria:
Quality (overall); Appeal/Timeliness; Integration (bridging different types of research); Broad Approach(es) to topic of interest; International Representation; Innovation; and Broad Representation (more than 1 lab; inclusion of graduate students, postdocs and/or junior faculty members). Please note that proposal rejection is possible based on reviews and/or number of submissions received.

Submission Requirements:
Organizer(s) and Chair(s) must have an established profile in RSA or one will need to be created.
Title of Proposal is limited to 22 max word count.
Theme, Category and Format must be indicated.
Letter of Assurance stating all participants are aware of the requirement to register for the meeting.
Name of individual for the role of Introduction.
Name of individual for the role of Discussant/Questions Moderator.
Name of each speaker and the title of their talk/presentation.  Titles are limited to 22 max word count.
Complete Proposal – 925 max word count – organized as follows:

RATIONALE AND CONTENT: (text in lower case)
PRESENTATION 5 – TITLE AND SPEAKER’S NAME: description  (Roundtables Only)
PRESENTATION 6 – TITLE AND SPEAKER’S NAME: description  (Roundtables Only)


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