Enoch Gordis Awards


The Enoch Gordis Research Recognition Awards are awarded to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who present a first author poster during the RSA Annual Scientific Conference in one of the following research areas:

  • Biological/Preclinical
  • Psychosocial / Clinical
  • Translational

There is an award application process that requires submitting an abstract for poster presentation, even if abstract has also been submitted for oral presentation (speaker abstract), by the general RSA poster abstract submission deadline. Additionally, applicants will need to write and submit an extended abstract by the Enoch Gordis application deadline that provides further details about their study and a letter (students only) from their mentor confirming their eligibility. Detailed instructions are available in the award submission link.

Finalists will be required to present their research during a poster session and paper session.  Finalists are chosen and their presentations are judged by members of the Education Committee. The awardees are announced during the Closing Ceremony at RSA. Applications are posted in mid-October and remain open until mid-January.

There are 4 – 5 awards (monetary and plaque) presented. The final decision on the number of awards will be determined by the number of applications received in each category and the quality of the work represented. All students and eligible postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply and finalists will be required to present their research during a poster and paper session. Only one application per person and per abstract may be submitted.

Enoch Gordis Award Application


Past Awardees:

2018 Post-Doc Jesus (Jesse) Chavarria
Post-Doc Cody Siciliano
Student Ryan Carpenter
Student Alexander Tseng
2017 Post-Doc Sean Farris
Post-Doc Kimberly Werner
Student Dezarie Moskal
Student Meridith Robins
2016 Post-Doc Margaret Broadwater
Post-Doc Lora Cope
Student Spencer Bujarski
Student Sierra Springfield
2015 Post-Doc Elizabeth Burnett
Post-Doc Elisa Trucco
Student Melanie Pina
Student Andrew Rau
2014 Post-Doc Qian Peng
Post-Doc Yuval Silberman
Student Uduak Udoh
Student John Valenta
2013 Post-Doc Gerald Deehan
Post-Doc Justin McClain
Student James McGinley
Student Jordan Yorgason
2012 Post-Doc Laura Kwako
Post-Doc Madeline Meier
Post-Doc Rebecca Howard
Student Daniel Liput
Student Kelly Young-Wolff
2011 Post-Doc Sandra Rueger
Post-Doc Sandra Chanraud
Student Michael Salling
Student Daniel Christian
Student Kasey Griffin
2010 Post-Doc Jayanth Ramadoss
Post-Doc Dennis Sparta
Student Daniel Roche
Student Jacqueline Barker
2009 Post-Doc Bettina Hoeppner
Post-Doc Anne-Lise Pitel
Student Kristen Wellman
Student Yuval Silberman
Student Christian Hendershot
2008 Post-Doc Natalie Zahr
Post-Doc Patrick Mullholland
Post-Doc Antonio Morgan-Lopez
Student Zheng-Ming Ding
Student Katherine Keyes
2007 Post-Doc Roisin O'Connor
Post-Doc Raul Pastor
Student Kevin King
Student Katie Kelm
Student Lara Ray
2006 Post-Doc Robert  Leeman
Post-Doc Janel Boyce Rustay
Post-Doc Kypros Kypri
Student Nichea Spillane
Student Helen Kamens
2005 Post-Doc Cindy Reiter-Funk
Post-Doc Marisa Silveri
Student Ben Abroms
Student Emily Harrison
Student Jennie Hillmann
2004 Not Available Anita Bechtholt
Not Available K. Grohman
Not Available Aesoon Park
Not Available Joyce Besheer
Not Available J. Andreas
Not Available Kara Gabriel
2003 Post-Doc Julia Townshend
Post-Doc Shoshana Shea
Post-Doc Kimberly Nixon
Student Serena King
Student Patrick Mulholland
2002 Post-Doc Ronda Dearing
Post-Doc Sara Lindholm
Student Amanda Tang
Student Jane Metrik
Student John Hopkins