Speaker Abstract Requirements

Submissions due by December 3, 2018 - 11:59PM CST


An abstract for each oral presentation is required for Symposia and Workshops, but is optional for Roundtables.  These abstracts become part of the overall Program used for Program Committee review, as well as the final Online Program and Web App.

Oral Presentation Limitations:
Individuals are allowed only one oral presentation (including Roundtable panelist), but may give the introduction or be the discussant in a second proposal.  If someone is listed as a speaker on more than one (1) proposal, a replacement speaker will be requested prior to Program Committee review.

Participation Limitations:
Presenting an introduction or being a discussant does not count as an oral presentation; however this is also limited to one per person (i.e., Dr. Jones can present an oral presentation in one session and be an introducer or discussant in one session). No individual may participate in more than two sessions (any format). 

Meeting Registration:
RSA does not provide funds or waive registration for individuals giving an oral presentation (Speakers).  All Speakers are required to register for the meeting.  Speakers may register for the entire meeting at the RSA Member’s rate or choose the Daily Registration option for up to two (consecutive) days.

Program Category:
The program category is primarily used to assign reviewers.  The list is divided into three areas (Biological/Preclinical, Psychosocial/Medical/Clinical, Other) with various research categories under each area. (Proposal Categories)

Membership Status:
Non-member Speaker Abstracts must be endorsed by an RSA member.

Poster Consideration:
Speakers may elect to have their abstract considered for poster presentation if the Program Proposal is not accepted.

Principal Author Affirmation:
Principal Author must affirm the abstract represents primarily unpublished findings and communicates novel findings that pertain to alcohol research.  Also, affirms that if the Program Proposal is accepted, one of the authors will be available to give the oral presentation.

Recent Publications:
Speakers are required to list three (3) recent publications.  Students can put N/A if less than 3 or none.

Disclosure Form Requirements:
All speakers are required to complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form.

Submission Requirements:
If you are submitting the abstract on behalf of a speaker, you need to add them as an 'Author'.  Once they have been added, make that individual the 'Primary Presenter'.  See Adding an Author below.

Proposal Category, Poster Consideration, Principal Author Affirmation are required.
Title – should be entered in all CAPS (22 max word count).
Authors – should be entered as first initial(s) and full last name. (35 max word count).
Affiliation(s) – should be entered as Affiliation, Department, City, State, Zip and Country.  (35 max word count).
Abstract – should include purpose, methods, data, results and conclusions.  (360 max word count).

Adding An Author:
An Author(s) can only be added after the speaker abstract has been submitted.  Upon submission, a message window will appear allowing you to add an author.


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