The mission of the Program Committee is to craft an outstanding scientific program for the Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA). The three co-chairs and their respective 8-person subcommittees will craft the meeting program by selecting symposia based on a) an established set of criteria on which all symposia are scored, b) equitable distribution of symposia across basic science, medical/clinical and psychosocial domains, and c) adequate representation of all alcohol-related scientific fields. The Program Committee will also seek to promote translational science (i.e. translation between animal and human models; translation from basic science to clinical application) and involvement of students and postdoctoral fellows. These foci are evident in the evaluation criteria used by the Program Committee which include: scientific quality, appeal/timeliness, translational content, broad approach, innovation, and broad representation of speakers. Co-chairs will assign three committee members to each proposal based on their areas of expertise and all members (including co-chairs) will score proposals in December. The program co-chairs will then meet in-person, usually in January to finalize the program and ensure that it meets the goals outlined above. Program Committee members will also review poster abstracts (February-March) to ensure that they are scientifically sound and will contribute to the success of the RSA Annual Meeting. Program Committee co-chairs will provide a report to both the Board of Directors and the Membership at the Annual Meeting.