The mission of the Awards Committee is to select the most appropriate candidates for the research and mentoring awards conferred by the Society. It strives to make these decisions on the basis of fair evaluation of the candidates’ nomination materials in light of the stated criteria for receipt of the award in question. To increase the likelihood that the best possible candidates receive the awards under the purview of the Awards Committee, the Committee will also engage in outreach to increase the size and diversity of the pool of worthy candidates. The Awards Committee will choose the recipients of the Young Investigator Award, the Distinguished Researcher Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Henri Begleiter Excellence in Research Award, and the G. Alan Marlatt Mentorship Award. In addition, the Chair of the Awards Committee will select the winners of the Memorial Awards, which are $500 awards to be given to at least one predoctoral and one postdoctoral trainee in memory of RSA members who have died in the past year.